SMSA Athletic Director Heidi Schmidt, NIAAA State Award of Merit Receipient

On Thursday, March 23, 2017, Heidi Schmidt was recognized for her work as an Athletic Director at SMSA and within Connecticut.  The State Award of Merit is presented in recognition of service, leadership and special contributions to interscholastic athletics at the local and state levels.

Heidi started as a student-athlete in CT at Platt High School.  She continued on to Eastern Connecticut State University, earning a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education.  Heidi is no stranger to service awards, while at ECSU she was awarded the ECSU Physical Education Department’s “Service Award”.

In her 17 year tenure as AD, Heidi has held several positions of leadership at both the local and state level.  She has served on the CIAC Committee for Soccer, and Volleyball.  This past fall Heidi served as the CIAC Girls’ Volleyball Tournament Director.  Heidi is the NCCC League Representative to CAAD and has served as a 4-year CAAD Delegate at the National Convention.

The Athletic Directors of the NCCC are lucky to have someone like Heidi Schmidt as a colleague.   A fellow AD was asked what it is like working with Heidi, “When Heidi is involved things get done, she works tirelessly for all students in CT”.  Asked about her award Heidi smiled, unfazed and said: “I’m just doing my job, I love my kids and want to do the best I can for them.”