Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov Divide From PokerStars

While determining the political choice of our nation, it looks at the cadres that will give hope to them in the future as much as they have done in the past. For a while, we have been meeting the public with reform programs that will meet the expectations of our nation and enlighten its future. Notice that we cling firmly to the reform agenda even though we are in power, that is, we are a party that has a lot to say even if we only carry out the tasks at hand. We are the party that completely changed the democratic and economic face of our country with many reforms that we call silent revolutions. We are the ones who have implemented many regulations that expand the rights and freedoms expected of our nation, through the accession process of the European Union.

We brought the Presidential Government System, which constitutes the peak of the search for a management system, which has been the pain of our nation for 200 years, to our country. Thus, Turkey’s national will for the first time in its history, civilian politics, has signed a management system to radically change the initiatives of democratic mechanisms.

The Judicial Reform Strategy Document was the framework of the most important legal reforms in the recent period. On Tuesday, we shared our Human Rights Action Plan, which is a new step in this framework, with the public. We will announce our Economic Reform Package to the public next week.

As the People’s Alliance, our step in drafting a new and civil constitution, which we have taken in unanimity, is a proposal that concerns everyone in this country. We invite all segments of society, from political parties to non-governmental organizations, from professional associations to academics, from the media to the business world, to contribute constructively to this process. We expect this issue to be discussed and discussed in its own medium, in order that the preparation of a new and civil constitution has a meaning beyond daily politics and vicious polemics.

As the AK Party and the People’s Alliance, of course, we will make our own preparations. We are determined to present our preparation to the discretion of our nation, even if nobody contributes. But we will do our best to ensure that such a process continues to encompass all 84 million. Hopefully in Turkey, encompassing the walk will guide the next century, explicit, democratic, libertarian will bring a constitution.

Metropolitan and district municipalities under the administration of CHP, especially in Istanbul and Izmir, instead of serving the citizens properly, they reintroduced the era of garbage, pit and mud. And do not they come out without shame and say ‘we are working properly’. Our nation gives the answer to these as follows: “Trough municipalities, hollow roads, trash neighborhoods, diameter mud streets”. Yes, when it comes to talking, those who aspire to govern the country cannot even handle the more basic municipal services. While they were saying ‘we are coming to demolish’ in the elections, we thought they meant a political change. It turns out that they really come to demolish our cities with their cleanliness, greenery, road, water and sewage infrastructure, and social services. Turkey re-emergence of old images with mountains of garbage, again to be seen in the neighborhood of the water tanker from the pit of the vehicle, increasing the ways in which pedestrians can not leave the mud, what is not destruction? The most interesting aspect of the work is that the circles that stand ready to make the earth moan the sky if it occurs in any municipality under the administration of the AK Party, are blind, deaf, and garbage cut in the face of these images in CHP municipalities.

The fact that those who jumped on every false news and lynched us, turn their backs on the scandals flowing from all sides of the CHP’s organizations to the municipalities reveals their true intentions. We have seen the real face of them in republic rallies, Gezi, December 17-25, pit incidents, and every step we take in the fight against terrorism. We saw their true face on July 15 when they were applauding the tanks. We have seen their true face wherever we touched their interests, especially the Bosphorus issue. Yes, their concern is not to defend the laws and rights of the nation or country, but to impose their marginal and distorted ideologies on the whole society.

We will not leave the challenge to those who attack and insult like themselves, who do not think, live, speak, and do not submit to themselves. While dealing with these, we will not compromise our determination to strengthen our country. Our 2020 growth figure was announced as 1.8 percent recently. Turkey was among the global health a few years, continued its growth in countries experiencing crisis. The growth rate of 4.8 percent in agriculture, 2.8 percent in social services, 2.5 percent in the service sector, and 2 percent in industry shows that we have a balanced and strong infrastructure.

Likewise, while our exports in February exceeded 16 billion dollars, the ratio of exports to imports approached 83 percent. With our controlled normalization steps, we are gradually eliminating the negative effects of epidemic measures on the economic and social life of our country. Though if you ask the opposition ‘we are sunk, we are done’

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