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New (premium edition) version of the governor of poker judicial game. Artificial intelligence is even more beautiful, so easy 1. You can’t get off the table. There are two difficulty levels, normal and pro. You can travel between towns with horse, train, ferry $ vehicles.

If the movements of the opponents are examined carefully during the game, you can understand from their attitude whether their hands are good or bad. There is a trophy room that you can level according to the hand rounds you won during the game, you need to earn certificates in order to get the operation of places such as gold mines, parks, train stations, ports in the vicinity of the town you are traveling to. You get these certificates by defeating the current owner of that region. Your flour increases or decreases according to the money you earn and lose. Each town has a $ hat color that it accepts according to itself. You can buy colorful $ hats from line shops according to your earnings and level. I also don’t remember your name at the moment, but there is also a list of the top winners at gambling. With the ones on this list, if you make a profit in the town, you can make special matches and pass it on the list.

abstract night lan pic: so it is more beautiful than the first, more challenging and more fun $. I advise.

In the game that you started by assigning el paso as a metropolitan mayor, you can participate in official tournaments and make a name in provinces, participate in socialite tournaments and become rich in dollars and real estate. But the tar black horses, hay-flame cars, high-speed trains that work for you in the game are not for sale, they are the kind that can only be won at the poker table. therefore, you get the message “Your money will not pass here, stranger” in the first certificate.

the locals are pretty giving. When you lift someone from the poker table, he puts his house-car in front of you. He congratulates and does not make the bill pay. the guys are so crazy.

Houses and shops in the game are extremely cheap. however, it does not pay for itself in the short term, ideal for medium and long term investors.

There is a bank in roughly every province. When your flow runs out, you can take credit from these banks and participate in tournaments. The loan interest rate is 0.00%, there is no file expense, but you cannot even wear a leash on a dinghy in the state without paying your loan debt to the bank. so pay attention to eric cantona, don’t stop by the banks unless you are in a very difficult situation.

To enter the notorious player list of the state’s top 10 poker players and rise to the top of the list, you must be able to find those poker players’ venues and have risen to the class that will be convinced to play poker with you one-on-one. Do not overestimate it, you can remove all of them from the table in 30-40 seconds. Obviously they entered this list with a torpedo. but the people of love now, negreanu’s right is to negreanu.

What really impressed me in the game was the environment in the casinos. While you are diving into the river on the turn at the poker table, fights are taking place, as evidenced by the voices coming from behind, beer bottles explode in your heads. The pianist pauses for a moment, takes a sip of his beer and continues to play. sounds that reflect the casino environment wonderfully.

If you like small games with hold ’em in abundance, it is a game that you can definitely enjoy. The only shortcoming is that you will not have much difficulty at the pro level. You can turn this deficiency into a plus by tightening the trophy, because turning the trophy list into a gold mine is much more difficult than being the governor of texas.

It’s my only fun in the office these days. The best part of the game is that you cannot win all the time, losing occasionally is very successful in extending the gameplay.

The poker game I’ve played and finished without getting bored for the past week. According to the first game, quite nice details were added, but while traveling between towns, there were a few towns that I could not go to for a long time. Thanks to the stars we earn by playing poker, those towns are also accessible towards the middle of the game.

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