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What I Said Should Not Be Ignored, The Truths Are These

Friends say there is worse and worse is worse, this is what they call bonsai – Jameika. Do not use this thing called bonzai & jameika. You start to think that it will stop and because you think about death as a result of the numbness in your neck walking towards your brain, you automatically think about death and crazy crazy questions in your mind should I call an ambulance? you are there. This is not in the head of anything, but the drinker hurts himself very much.

I wrote the first article about bonzai on the net, I hope it was useful to many people. I like that you tell about this poison.

I thought marijuana and made a bucket I bought 4 smoke, but it is not closely related to cannabis, but do not try it, it did not pass 5 seconds after the 4th smoke. I begged me to return to my old state and not to stay like this. It lasted from 8 to 12 o’clock. I died easily for 4 hours.

It is a pity .. That so many people took the risk of death just to live a few hours that they could get rid of whatever they were in. Then do not take it calmly, they add that you will moan to return to your previous state, but you will become unable to take even a step. While reading these, young people will think that a bonsai or jamaican is like embarking on an adventure. Experienced ones, on the other hand, will write aside that this is not the way it is. Anyone who is ready to change their life for something else can use it. The real problem is not that it is extremely addictive, the risk of death even in one shot, causing permanent physical and psychological damage, but why everyone is so afraid. Facing problems, not being able to do something new all the time, dreaming, thinking, getting tired, thinking about oneself!

Guys, it sucks. Don’t try calmly. If you cannot adjust the dose, it will definitely trigger you. It has nothing to do with weed. I just came to myself. I begged I was skinned. It’s like I’m talking to myself in my brain, nobody is listening to me. I say it was just past, it comes again. He came and went 4 times. I cannot tell the beats of my heart .. Be yourself. You are literally fighting with it in your brain. He’s trying to capture it.

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