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Cyberbullying, which is more common in online channels with the increase of internet use during the pandemic process, especially affects children. The cybersecurity company ESET has focused on the increasing bullying in online platforms. He shared what online harassment is and what measures parents can take against cyberbullying and harassment.

Almost a year has passed since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. People are doing their best to comply with regional and national restrictions and social distance rules in the hope that the world will return to normal as soon as possible. Families are stuck in closed spaces. Most of his daily activities take place behind the devices and screens. Facing the new reality during the pandemic process and growing up in this period is especially hard for children. Children and young people follow their lessons on the internet and interact with their friends online. The games they play and the channels they consume are always online.

ESET experts point out another important drawback, cyberbullying, warning that it is not healthy to spend so much time online.

Cyberbullying is defined as “the act of harming another person through attack or abuse, stressing the person or causing personal loss” using technology. This type of behavior can be found in almost all online media, instant messaging platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Reddit, online gaming communities and SMS.

Contrary to popular belief, cyberbullying is not limited to social media, it manifests itself in various ways on different platforms. Sometimes cyberbullying can be difficult to spot or seem innocent at first glance. One reason for this is that actions that can be regarded as cyberbullying in groups consisting of classmates, hobby groups or similar social membership can be hidden under jokes. Sometimes content can be intentionally leaked to private groups or chat rooms, making it difficult to detect the action. Bullies often continue to publicly attack and humiliate their victims to further embarrass their victims. Another cyber bullying home where children spend a lot of time is online games. Attacks can often take the form of insults, ridicule of playing skills, or more generally in the form of persistent curses. Cyber ​​bullies make their victims’ time in the game as painful as possible by repeatedly killing avatars of their chosen victims, or by making notifications to ban their victims. After a while, the game that is wanted to be played for fun becomes unplayable for the chosen victim.

ESET experts gave the following important advice to parents and children to prevent online harassment and cyberbullying:

First of all, adults should be aware of warning signs that something is wrong. To protect themselves, children can drastically reduce the use of their devices, become pessimistic, or even delete accounts and create new ones.

– Parents can consider using parental control software as a precaution to track what their children are doing online.